Welcome to Bones Aleays Say the Truth, the only TFL listed fanlisting dedicated to The Signs in the Silence Episode 21, season 6 of Bones. This fanlisting is owned and mantained by Laura. Feel free to read about the episode and why I choose this title for the site here.

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Listing Admin

Written On: December 16, 2012

All episode fanlistings are with Listing Admin now. Wow I do have a lot (and I refrain myself for asking for more because I do have an episode peeve when I love a tv show).

Bones fanlistings #2

Written On: June 27, 2011

Last two Bones Fanlistings are ready:

Episode 15, Season 3: The Pain in the Heart
Inconsistency in the Reasoning
Inconsistency in the Reasoning

Episode 21, Season 6: The Signs in the Silence
Bones Always Say the Truth
Bones Always Say the Truth

That's it for now... When I come home from the beach in September I'll ask for at least one more (not that I'm leaving now... but if I ask for more now I won't be able to have them ready before I leave...).

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